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MCC Al Manar Weekend School is committed to providing students of diverse backgrounds with high-quality academic education based on the Quran and sunnah of the prophet (PBUH) and high, universal moral values in a progressive Islamic environment. School is held at MCC every year from September to May, on both Saturdays and Sundays.

For the upcoming school session 2020-21, all instruction will be delivered online through various media including Zoom and Google Hangouts. Our teachers have undergone training to be able to accomplish this in the best possible manner. Al Manar was able to transition seamlessly from in-person to online teaching in March 2020, in accordance with COVID related guidelines and directives from the authorities.

Education Director: Saima Nasim
Principal: Roula Aoneh

Mrs. Roula Aoneh combines an affluent professional background in education with 25 years of working experience in teaching and management of schools in San Diego. She currently works as the principal of Al Manar Weekend school at MCC, an ESL & Arabic Civilizations professor at Cuyamaca College, and has founded many Arabic programs in San Diego. She holds a master’s degree in Education, TESOL, from Alliant International University in San Diego, specializing in sociolinguistic and language contact. She is also certified in Online Teaching and Learning & Equity-Minded teaching and learning institute. Her experience in education covers teaching, school management, Arabic program consultation, Arabic curriculum coordination, and participation in various Arabic projects and workshops to enhance the quality of Arabic language teaching and learning in San Diego. Mrs. Roula has been conducting a series of workshops and webinars for a variety of schools in San Diego county. She has published two Arabic books, Alf-Yaa, for younger aged children. Mrs. Roula’s profound sense of leadership, wonderful competence, professionalism, and interpersonal skills, along with her education and experience, are effortlessly inspiring and motivating teachers, administrators, and other employees to invent and implement new ideas and programs that could further benefit students and the community at large. Her focus is on improving the quality of Al Manar School education, increasing all of the students’ success, achievement and their safety, and prevention mechanisms to ensure that Al Manar school is managed carefully, professionally, and cooperatively.


We are pleased to inform you that Al Manar School has begun preparations for the new school year 2020-21.

As we prepare our classes, we want to be sure this will be done in a careful and thoughtful way with the health and safety of our students & staff being our number one concern.

All instruction for the school year 2020-21 will be delivered remotely by our trained staff.

The school session will begin the weekend after Labor Day, on September 12th/13th and will continue until May 22nd/23rd 2021, InshaAllah.

The new school timing will be 10:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
The annual registration fee covers the cost of books and material for the school year.
To Register, send an email to almanar@mccsandiego.org

Program Overview


Almanar School is committed to providing students of diverse backgrounds with high quality academic education based on the Quran and sunnah of the prophet (pbuh) and high, universal moral values in a progressive Islamic environment.


  • Provide Islamic and Arabic teaching to Muslim children in the Greater San Diego area
  • Increase the children’s ability in the reading of Modern Standard Arabic
  • Allowing the child to understanding what they read and memorize from the Quran, Hadith and Dua’a
  • Provide children an opportunity to meet and know each other and thereby strengthen their bond as a Muslim ummah
  • Make children aware of Islam and their future role in Muslim society]
  • Providing the child with ability to access the Tafseer of the Quran and Hadith in Arabic and rely less on the English Translation.


The academic program shall be divided into two major sections: 1. Arabic Language & Islamic studies Program 2. Arabic leading to Qur’anic & Islamic Studies Program 3. Children (Pre- School & Pre- Kindergarten Levels are Same for both Programs)

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The new registration and tuition rates for the school year 2020-21 are as follows

MCC Members

Annual Registration 
$50 per child

Monthly tuition
$75 for the first child, $70 for second child $65 for third child or more


Annual Registration
$50 per child

Monthly tuition
$85 for the first child, $80 for second child $75 for third child or more

If you would like to become an MCC member please click below:

MCC Membership Form


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Is the school full time?

No, classes are held on Sundays from 10:00 am to 12:30 pm. Admission is granted on a first come first serve basis and is dependent on the availability of spaces.

Will the classes be conducted on site for the upcoming school year?

No, classes will be delivered remotely via Zoom by our trained staff for the school year 2020-21.

What age can my child start school?

Classes are for ages 4 years and up.

Who teaches the classes?

We have hired teachers who are educated and qualified to teach our children. These teachers focus on making Al Manar School a successful learning environment for our students.

What programs do you offer at the weekend school?

The school starts with two preparatory classes namely, Preschool and Prep 1 which are focused on teaching the Arabic Alphabet. After Prep1 the school offers two curriculum options.

  • Quranic Studies: Focus is on learning the Quran and reading with meaning supplemented with Islamic Studies.
  • Arabic Studies: Focus is on learning spoken Arabic supplemented with Islamic Studies.


If you have any questions please feel free to call MCC during office hours or stop by the school during office hours.

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School Address:
Almanar Modern School
14698 Via Fiesta
San Diego, CA 92127