MCC Board of Directors 2021-22

Chairman Suhail Jalil [email protected]
Vice-Chairman Abdur Rehman Arif [email protected]
Secretary Omar Khan [email protected]
Treasurer Mohamed Muzaffer [email protected]
Religious Services Yasser Dehaini [email protected]
Education Saima Nasim [email protected]
Communications and Publications Fauzia Qureshi-Aziz [email protected]
Youth Hana Kassas [email protected]
Community Relations Mohammad Anwarul Haque [email protected]
Parliamentarian Pervez Mobin [email protected]

MCC Nominating Committee 2021-22


Farhan Aziz Member
Abdul Gani Dahman Member
Muhammad Ainul Huda Member
Ruhi Kamran Member
Yumna Khan Member
Contact: [email protected]

MCC By-Laws

Click here to access a copy of the MCC By-laws.