The election was conducted 100% electronically using the account set up with  Balloting began at midnight on May 23 2018 12.00am and ended at 4:00pm on June 2 2018 (all times PDT) as announced in May.  Ballot links with individual voting keys were mailed to all members eligible to vote at their email address on file.  Members with issues receiving or voting a ballot or who desired to vote in person came to the MCC between 11:00am and 4:00pm on June 2 in which case they were issued an electronic ballot for inclusion in the final tally.

The results of the election are certified by this committee as follows.

Election Results for Election 2018

Started at: May 23, 2018 at 12:00 am

Finished at: June 2, 2018 at 4:00 pm

Time zone: Pacific Time (US & Canada)


158 of 301 ballots cast (52%).

Candidate: MCC Operations Board of Directors


Naveed Qazi: 128 votes (29.5%)

Owais Siddiqui: 117 votes (27.0%)

Saima Akhter: 106 votes (24.4%)

Salah Feteih: 59 votes (13.6%)

Ebrahim Mohamedy: 24 votes (5.5%)

Candidate: MCC Nomination Committee


Ayaz Usman: 139 votes (21.0%)
Hana Kassas: 117 votes (17.7%)

Ayesha Basheeruddin: 116 votes (17.5%)

Shahida Parveen: 116 votes (17.5%)
Rami Salem: 92 votes (13.9%)

Ramzey Abujarour: 82 votes (12.4%)

Since we did not get a two‐thirds (2/3) majority vote of the active members, none of the amendments passed.  (Section 16.02 Part 1 of the bylaws)