Every Friday 6:00 – 8pm

Hikmah Youth Halaqa

Starting September 7th 2018

– For youth: Multiple levels accommodating ages: 6 and up

– For more information, contact: hikmahintensive@gmail.com

Welcome back! Alhumdullilah we are ready to start a new year of Hikmah. May Allah (swt) make it successful & help our children benefit from it.

InshaAllah classes will begin at 6 pm & end as usual at 8 pm. Alhumdullilah this year we have three parent volunteers, each coordinating the activities of a particular age group. Sr. Rumana Rehman Ghouri will be the contact/co-coordinator for the the 6-8 year age group, Sr. Saima Nasim will be the contact/coordinator for the 9-11 year age group, and me (Alia Khan Usman) will be the contact/coordinator for the 12+ age group. We can all be reached at hikmahintensive@gmail.com. When emailing about a certain age group please do specify it in your subject line.

Ages 6-8 years & ages 9-11 years will meet every week as usual. The fee for these age groups will be $50 per child. Please see your programs coordinator for tuition payment.

However, ages 12+ will only meet bi-weekly. The weeks they do not have Hikmah, they are encouraged to attend the MCC youth group meetings. This age group will no longer have a fee for Hikmah, they can attend for FREE!!!

Registration for 9-11 Year Old Class:

Registration will take place September 7th, 2018 right before class IA. This age group (8-11 years old) will now have a max of 25 students to ensure quality of learning. If for any reason you are not able to attend tomorrow, but would like to register your child for this age group, please respond by email before class and a spot for your child will be saved.


Hikmah Intensive Classes

$50per month