2016-2017 MCC Board of Directors

Chairman Ilham Ahmed chairman@mccsandiego.org
Vice-Chairman Ibrahim Shaik vice_chairman@mccsandiego.org
Secretary Owais Siddiqui secretary@mccsandiego.org
Treasurer Younes Aatif treasurer@mccsandiego.org
Religious Services Khisal Alvi religious@mccsandiego.org
Education Neelam Jaili education@mccsandiego.org
Communications and Publications Ruhi Kamran communications@mccsandiego.org
Youth Nadia Ebrahim youth@mccsandiego.org
Community Relations Rachna Ayesha Jafri community@mccsandiego.org
Parliamentarian Viqar Basheeruddin parliamentarian@mccsandiego.org

2016-2017 MCC Nomination Committee

Pervez Mobin Member
Yasser Dehaini Member
Shahida Parveen Member
Mohammed Anees Memon Member
Daud Zoss Member

MCC By-Laws

Click here to access a copy of the MCC By-laws.