Meet in MCC’s kitchen where over 150+ sandwiches and individual food packages are prepared and then delivered to homeless in downtown or at a shelter.

Every 1st Sunday of each month at around Asr time. Please follow our facebook event page to find out the exact start time.

MCC Facebook page

For details, contact the following– Ayesha at: or Saima at:


Additionally, if you can volunteer for any of the following,please sign up on this google spreadsheet:
Thank you all to those who came to help serve dinner at the Interfaith Community Services homeless shelter this Saturday April 7th 2017.  A special thank you to the ladies that made so much food for the event!  Alhamdulillah we had so such a large turnout.  We were not only able to feed people, but we also were able to sit and talk to people to show that we care!
I wanted to start a dialogue and get your input on our feeding the homeless events to make sure we are constantly improving it. Could you please reply all to the email thread with answers to the following:
Of the two events we have had:
A) The regular event where we make sandwiches and pass out the food packets on the streets in downtown
B) The last event where we went to an interfaith homeless shelter with cooked food and served dinner and sat down and talked with people
1) Which of the above 2 options have you volunteered with?
2) Which option would you rather volunteer with on a regular basis (just the serving dinner part)?
3) Any other thoughts on any pros and cons of either option?
Jazakallah khair and may Allah accept our work and allow us to help each other in our communities 🙂
  • Can you volunteer to drive downtown to help deliver the food (2 drivers). Cars will meet at Public storage parking lot (560 16th St) to pass out food. Also please include how many passengers your car can fit in your car.
  • Can you volunteer to be a passenger to help deliver the food (6 passengers)? 30 mintues to get to downtown, 30 mintues to pass out food, 30 mintues to return to MCC
  • Can you bring150 bananas to MCC by 1 pm (19 cents each at trader joes’s for a total cost of $29. If you ask they can give you a preprepared box of 150. Bring receipt for reimbursement from MCC)
  • Can you buy 150 water bottles to MCC by 1 pm (bring receipt for reimbursement from MCC)



“And they are those who give food – in spite of their own need , to the needy, and the orphan, and the captive, [saying in their hearts], ‘We only feed you for the sake of God, and we desire nothing in return from you, not even a word of thanks.’’” (QUR’AN 76:8-9).
Did you know that San Diego’s homeless population is the 4th largest in the US, after Seattle, Los Angeles, and New York City? According to the HUD, there are 8,742 homeless persons in San Diego.
MCC is trying to do its bit to help out the homeless by arranging a feed the homeless event every month. More than 150 ready-to-eat packages will be prepared in MCC kitchen. Then delivered to homeless individuals in Downtown.
Please sign up on the google doc provided below, if you plan to attend:
How can you participate?
1] Donate money/food for this program. This is most needed to help us expand from our current impact of only 1 meal for 150 people once a month.
2] Help in preparing the food packets at our monthly event (usually second Sunday of the month, at MCC kitchen)
3] Help in transporting and distributing the food packets in downtown San Diego.
4] You are also welcome to ride along with our volunteers to help out and get a first hand experience with food distribution among the homeless. You will be dropped back at MCC.
5] By participating, you can also get community service credits.
Map showing areas of distribution in Downtown San Diego